Farm holiday in Sesto / Sexten

„What a magnificent sight! This is how I imagine relaxation!“

... This is what one of our guests said once, when he arrived at Reidenhof, our holiday farm in Sexten.

We hope that your holiday will give you the relaxation you need. We want you to be able to leave your daily life behind and use the open space, the mountains, the sky, and nature as a source of energy for the body, mind, and soul.

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At our holiday farm in Sexten, you will find ...


... grew up with four sisters; and since he was the only son, he took over the holiday farm from his father Johann. You can find him when he returns from work either on the farm or in the barn with his animals.


… who, in the winter, works as a skiing instructor at the Dolomite Ski School in Sexten, and trains the young skiers of the ASC Drei Zinnen sports club. Are you in urgent need of a skiing lesson? Then, she is what you need! During the summer, Anja is at home on the farm and looks after all of the guests’ needs.


.... who has turned our lives upside down since 2019 and since then makes the yard unsafe. A real rascal and little chameur. Especially when children are guests on our farm, Franz is very happy.



… Markus’ mother has everything under control. You can find her here and there, giving a helping hand.


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Our Reidenhof: Pure fun in contact with nature

You can hear mooing, bleating, cackling, cock-a-doodle-doing, barking, purring and meowing ... what would a holiday farm in Sexten be without our four-legged friends? Learn to know (and to love!) the cheerful company that lives at the Reidenhof:

  • Curious calves that love to play, and that you can go to find in the barn (In the summer they are on the alp Klammbach)
  • 7 black-nosed sheep from the Valais named Wally, Wicky ,Wilma, Lucky, Franz (born the same day then our son), Max and Moritz, and 3 sheep from Val di Funes named Luna, Leni,  Emil.
  • A rooster that proudly wanders around 25 hens, whose eggs can be found in the breakfast basket
  • The affectionate dog Ares who likes to play and be pampered
  • The cat Molly who is a rat hunter, thug, and runaway
  • The cat Felix, who prefers to stay in the house and lie on the warm stove
  • The cat Junny who is always running around and only shows up once in a while
  • The cat Kitty who wants to be petted all the time
  • Tha cat black Peter, which comes only for breakfast and dinner :)

A holiday farm over the centuries

Reidenhof is mentioned in documents as "Reidhof" as early as 1600, when it still belonged to the Lordship of Heinfels as a good subject to "Freistift"(=an obligation of the farmers to renew the usufruct contract with the landlord each year). Over the centuries the farm was continuously divided and handed down, until in 1925 it was passed on to the grandfather Pfeifhofer.
In 1957, the grandfather left the farm to his son Johann who, together with his wife Emma, introduced the possibility of renting the rooms. In 2003, Markus took over the farm. In 2017, he decided to expand it, and built a new house with 5 holiday apartments.

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